About us - OL-WOOD

The plant was established in 1999. From the beginning of our activity, the motto of our plant is the production of products based on raw material from the Polish forest. The company deals with processing sawmill wood. The basic species is oak wood from which we manufacture sawn timber, friezes, furniture elements, railway sleepers, beams and elements of small garden architecture. We work with carpentry workshops, shipyards and private clients.
The company specializes in the production of sawn timber from deciduous species such as oak, beech, ash, birch, alder, aspen, elm, cherry, sycamore, hornbeam, linden and maple. Coniferous wood such as pine, spruce and larch, also in our offer. Products from these species are applicable in construction as structural timber, in garden architecture and in carpentry.
What's more, OL-WOOD carries out individual orders for sauna and bath equipment, furniture elements including bending oak elements, elements of garden architecture including curbs and landings, oak friezes and railway sleepers. Among the projects we participated in was preparing oak for revitalization of the Elbląg Canal. We invite you to familiarize with the offer and contact us.