OL-WOOD Wejherowo – sawn timber and what else?

OL-WOOD Wejherowo – sawn timber and what else?
17 December 2021

OL-WOOD Wejherowo – sawn timber and what else?

OL- WOOD lumber mill company was established by a polish entrepreneur Jacek
Wydrowski and its first location was Bolszewo in northern Poland in the Pomeranian district.
Company’s first focus was the production of carpentry sawn timber. The main source which
we used to dress planks was wood from leafy polish forests.
During the development of the lumber mill company we decided to change the
location to a nearby city and now the company is nestled in Wejherowo on Przemysłowa
33A street in the Pomeranian district in Poland. Our entire production facilities together
with a sales department and magazines are located there.

Wood mill Wejherowo equals development

The location change was a new beginning for us

Our new location contributed to our thrive and a brand new development in every
aspect. One of our ground braking changes was the increase of our stock . If it holds your
attention it’s a sign for you to be more involved in what you are reading now. If you are
interested you can check out our offer by clicking here .
Below you will find our top two products.

Carpentry sawn timber – we cut out teeth on this

We are mostly experienced in producing carpentry planking thanks to years of
dealing with it. We can firmly say that we can offer a product of the highest quality. Our dry
planking which is mainly used to produce brand new furniture has got humidity which ranges
from 12 to 8 percent and has got three levels of classification . If your expectations are a bit
lower we can create for you 4 class planking. As you can see we are very versatile, so we
offer products for highly specialized carpenters and regular customers which love DIY.
In our warehouses we posses all kinds of dry planking which is not fully dressed.
Kinds of planking we offer ( oak planking, ash planking, beech planking, birch planking, alder
planking, pine planking, spruce planking, larch planking, elm planking, lime tree planking,
cherry tree planking, maple planking, sycamore planking, and even exotic type of wood like
sapeli planking). We are also keen on ordering more exotic wood for our customers.

Four main features of good quality wood planking:
– Humidity
– Class
– Brand
– Thickness

Thickness which we offer ( 26,28,32,38,40,50,60 mm). Thickness is dependable on a
brand of wood.

Planking is not the only product we offer. More curious. Check it out below !

Our next product is a shuttrring board
This is a pine tree plank which is branched and rough. The way you can use it endless. Just
think outside the box and be creative !

We are here for you we are here to build your future with Ol – Wood