We offer Scandinavian construction timber characterized by high quality and increased durability. The material comes in various sizes and cross-sections.
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We present construction timber planed on four sides, which has been dried in drying chambers up to 15% humidity and sorted in terms of strength. KVH® is a modern softwood product with chamfered edges and a length of up to 13 m.

Solid wood C24

Construction spruce timber certified in class C24. According to applicable building regulations and standards, this material is required for use on roof structures, ceilings, walls and frame houses. Each piece has a factory marking of strength class. Structural wood is very durable and maintains excellent rigidity, making it the perfect building material for wooden houses


BSH is a top-shelf material that provides even greater dimensional capabilities and even greater load-bearing capacity. It can also have a decorative function. It is made of at least three glued, dried boards or lamellas of coniferous wood in parallel. Intended for use in load-bearing structures with large spans and loads.

Facades and soffits

The wooden façade fits perfectly with both the traditional, minimalist and Scandinavian style of construction. In modern architecture, the wooden facade is combined with industrial materials such as metal and glass. Wooden facades have become an elegant and prestigious showcase of the most expensive buildings in city centers and fashionable suburban districts. The wooden roof soffit is an ornament and an excellent crowning of the facade, while the paneling gives a warm atmosphere to home interiors. Soffit is a finishing element under the eaves of the roof, which additionally protects elements of the roof structure protruding beyond the building outline.